Wolfgang Wolman

Assistant & Video Editor, working remotely from Europe.

I am a skilled and experienced freelance filmeditor for a variety of genres and project types. After years of experience I have fine-tuned my craft of artistry in dynamic editing and I’m ready to bring my talents to your project. Using a range of software solutions complements my expertise in video editing. Whether you are an individual or company, I am committed to delivering high-quality results.

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shortfilm, 2021


The main character of the film meets two different versions of their future self. But each of them has their own interests and goals. The question arises whether escape or intervention will resolve the conflict.

Climate Videos

As a founding member of Filmmakers for Future I love to edit social and climate related short & feature films, documentaries and other gernes.


Zukunft Wald

Congress opener 2019

9 months Fridays for Future