A list of work examples by Wolfgang Wolman.


Shortfilms & Art
  • PianoPoems (Performance, Elena Escouflaire & Marit Persiel, Video I & Video II)
  • Hope and Glory – A Mad Max Fanfilm – Release 2024 (Crew United & Filmwebsite)
  • Für mich immer für dich – (Shortfilm, Director & DoP: Isabelle Vogel)
  • Zukunft Wald (Commercial, Together for Future)
  • NAVROZ (Musicvideos, the ismaili community, Directors: Sitora Sodatkadamova & Zoheb Veljee)
  • Wave of Hope for the Future (short documentation, A World of Neighbours, Directors: Herta-Christina Mirea & Sampo Lüttge)
  • FLUX (Shortfilm, Director: Noah Krupka, Filmfreeway)
  • colOUR – “Triance” online exhibition (Art film, Directors: Mira H., Laura S, Edgar A.)
  • Ende Gelände 2020 – Campaign weekend: Preventing the Coal Act
  • Fridays for Future – 9 months (Directors: Paul-Vincent Roll & Bastian Köhn)
  • Until Death Do Us Part (Crew United, Shortfilm, 48hours Festival Berlin)
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